About iorys


Iorys is a ready-to-use payment gateway for all types of financial and payment companies, that with one single integration may connect to a variety of payment schemes, banks, acquirers, PSPs, card issuers, crypto exchangers and other financial institutions. It combines an impressive amount of payment methods that put your company in line with mature and well-established market players.

We also help you to create products, define proper correspondent partners, do business introduction.

You may either use our standardized approach for routing payments, or build your tailor-made one. Automatic routing will ease life of your payment specialists, compliance and will lower fees with correspondent banks using arbitrage.

Financial industry is experiencing a dynamic change and disruption as never before. For many, a gap between the FinTech market leaders is becoming unreachable. High standards for automatization in payments and compliance is always a barrier for quick release of new services and entering new markets. Technical development, integrations and tests consume a tremendous part of financial resources, that might be used for reaching other goals.
We believe that deficiency of IT resources should not be any more a challenge. Our goal is to enable a Bank or a FinTech of any size to enter the global market with equals access to the payment channels. All that using one single connection.