Bridging Financial Borders with iorys and Tranglo

March 26, 2024
Bridging Financial Borders with iorys and Tranglo 1

Empowering Seamless Global Transactions

The demand for efficient and inclusive cross-border payment solutions is more critical than ever in today’s global economy. iorys’s partnership with Tranglo is at the heart of this demand, providing a pathway to seamless international remittances and payment services.

Introducing Our Integration with Tranglo

Tranglo is renowned for its global payment network, enabling businesses and consumers to send and receive funds across borders quickly and securely. By integrating Tranglo’s services with the iorys platform, we offer fintech clients the ability to tap into an expansive network of payment corridors, enhancing their global transaction capabilities.

Bridging Financial Borders with iorys and Tranglo 3

Revolutionizing Cross-Border Payments for Fintechs

This collaboration brings the power of Tranglo’s cross-border payment solutions to fintech platforms, facilitating everything from migrant remittances to business payments. With Tranglo’s network, fintechs can now provide their users with faster, more affordable, and transparent international payment options, boosting customer satisfaction and trust.

Setting a New Standard in Global Finance

Together, iorys and Tranglo are redefining the possibilities of financial technology. By leveraging Tranglo’s extensive payment infrastructure, we ensure fintech platforms are equipped to overcome the traditional challenges of cross-border transactions, promoting financial inclusion and connectivity on a global scale.

Expand Your Fintech’s Reach with Tranglo and iorys

Embrace the future of global payments with the innovative solutions provided by our partnership with Tranglo. Discover how this strategic collaboration can transform your fintech services, connecting you to a broader world of financial opportunities.

Explore the detailed benefits and unique features of our integration in our white paper, “Bridging Financial Borders with iorys and Tranglo.”

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Bridging Financial Borders with iorys and Tranglo 7