iorys HUB

A single door to numerous third-party payment, service providers and banks. Your bridge to the payment world!

For Banks, E-Money and Payment firms, Lending and Factoring, and Crypto exchangers

  • The leading HUB in the payment industry
  • Free of charge automated screening of counterparties through 20+ sanction lists
  • Quick time to market
  • Works with 3rd party ledgers
  • No Java. Significantly faster way to add new features and Plugins.
  • Suits for companies of any sizes – banks, FinTechs, crypto exchangers, etc.
  • Possibility to migrate any time to “On Prem” business model
  • Supports ISO 20022 standards

Payment processes

HUB Integrations

  • CENTROlink

Hub functionality

Key functionality to handle your payment flow.

  • Tailor-made routing for your entire payment traffic based on numerous parameters
  • Ability to create plugins with new Nostros by yourself
  • Currency exchange function with arbitrage
  • Scheduling cut-off times and clearing cycles
  • Access and management via an API or a back-office
  • Creation of multiple roles in the back-office with advanced security features
  • Creation of IBANs and eWallets with your Nostro
  • Sweep function for simple safeguarding of funds
  • Duplicate payment avoidance
  • Logging of all actions
  • Reconciliation – reads actuals balance with Nostros, compares balances between Nostro and your Ledger
  • Supports instant payments
  • Validates payments through iorys Compliance module or 3rd party AML system
  • Matches payment instruction with real transactions for efficient reconciliation
  • Free of charge automated screening of counterparties through 20+ sanction lists
  • Supports import of bulk files with automated parsing
  • Stores necessary payment data for future reference and search
  • Performs syntax and rules validation
  • Attachment of specific client groups to certain Nostros

Business functions

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Tech Stack: PHP • MySQL • Microsoft Azure HSM • REST-API