iorys Compliance

A cutting-edge ledger and back-end with all required
functionality for any modern bank
or a Fintech


Fast, remote and seamless onboarding process is the crucial element for attracting clients. Based on European best practices, we have developed a step-by-step process with an outstanding design and user experience, that will enable clients to apply for your services with minimum efforts.

  • Confirmation of email/phone number
  • Assignment of risk scoring with specific limits for operations
  • Setting conditions for automated approval/rejection of new clients based on numerous parameters
  • Fully customisable based on your business model
  • Onboarding from web or a mobile
  • Adaptive to complex corporate structures (including holdings, partnerships, etc.)
  • Agents

    Possibility to initiate account opening process from any 3rd party website/platform for with automatic attachment of clients to a specific agent.

Integrated 3rd party AML providers make the journey even more efficient

  • Automated screening through sanctioned and PEP lists
  • Automated input of ID details via OCR
  • Automated ID verification based on MRZ and other parameters
  • Online remote photo/video identification
Protect your company and connect with simple and seamless solutions offered by our external identity verifications partner companies.

Integrations with


Increase regulatory expectations and AML control over your clients by automatizing many compliance functions. We help to improve efficiency of your AML department, as well as to make right decisions faster.

  • iorys screening

    iorys is directly connected to 20 major sanction lists in Europe and worldwide. It allows financial entities to screen its existing clients, as well as counterparties of incoming/outgoing transactions for FREE.
  • Setting fire-walls based on multiple parameters (amount, country of the counterparty, currency, key words in payment details, etc.) for incoming and outgoing payments
  • Automatic screening of incoming/outgoing transactions through sanction lists
  • Setting conditions for acceptance of certain transactions by Head of Compliance
  • Integration of your tailor-made risk matrix
  • Tracking and blocking access to online banking from certain countries/IP addresses
  • Daily/weekly screening of all clients through sanction lists
  • Setting your own «black-list» of entities, countries, currencies and names of banks/EMIs, that require manual monitoring
  • Automatic reminders about expired ID documents or legal powers for accessing an account

iorys compliance in brief

  • We sign-up more clients
    Iorys helps to increase conversions by up to 83% with fast and seamless onboarding
  • We cut your expenses
    Save on compliance staff and reduce costs of using multiple AML providers
  • We minimize your risks
    Stay compliant and reduce fraud