Let’s promote innovation together

Iorys cooperates with a number of partners that help their clients to build a next FinTech unicorn. Without any commitments for sales, we invite lawyers, consultants, financial bloggers or simply FinTech enthusiasts, that might have potential clients for Iorys products, to become a part of our family and get a passive income generated from the introduced clients.

  • Our products are adaptive almost to any financial institution dealing in fiat or crypto.
  • For each client we appoint a customer support manager.
  • We go beyond the IT platform and help our clients to structure unique financial products.
  • We speak English, French and Russian languages.

Become a partner

Let's promote innovation together.

Become partner

Take the right choice

Hasty decisions related to the choice of an IT platform provider may cause a significant lag from competitors, as well as unaffordable costs for maintaining a payment firm. Together, we will create a truly unique solution for our client, that would suit not only their IT needs, but also the budget.

For professional advisers, that assist companies with authorization from Financial Regulators, we help with preparation with a solid part of IT related documents.

Partnership with us means

  • Tailor-made commissions
    Structuring tailor-made commissions for every client you attract. Commissions are paid within all the time while the client is using Iorys platform. Great opportunity for a passive income.
  • Monthly webinars
    Each month we organise free online webinars where we describe in simple words potential use cases of our platform for a variety of businesses. We also help our partners structuring unique payment products for certain client niches.
  • Preparation of IT documents for financial regulators
    We take the burden of preparing a big part of IT related policies and procedures for a financial regulator.
  • Support during sales
    No need to be an IT engineer. At any time, you can request our representatives to be on the call to help you with the sale.
  • Offering one of the top IT platforms
    We offer unique solutions chosen by a large number of successful firms.
  • Confidentiality
    Protection of your interests by a strong NDA.
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Become a partner