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Open Banking HUB is a stand-alone module that can be white-labelled and connected via a secure API to iorys Core or your external Core Ledger platform, for enabling you to build products based on Account Information and Payment Initiation Services.

Open Banking Vs Card Processing

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Why Open Banking from iorys?


We offer fully customisable back-office interface under your brand.


High level of security and privacy with services, data centres, networks, employees and business processes.

Transaction Tagging

Ability to recognise transactions based on description, amount, date or other metadata for further notification.

No data storage

We act as a transport between the bank and the requesting party. Iorys enables a secure login, you control data.

Wide Geography

We cover a wide list of connection with banks and EMIs across the UK and the EEA.

Independent development

Ability to create API connections with new banks on your own. Full independence from our devTeam.

Typical use cases of iorys
Open Banking HUB:

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Long-awaited replacement for classical card acquiring in online business. Same-day and free money collection, no chargebacks, no blocked MCC codes, no rolling reserve, high limits for transactions… A paradise for the eCommerce industry.
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Aggregation of data & payments in your App

We empower your existing banking platform with personal finance management, categorisation of income and expenses from external banks accounts of your clients. Your App becomes a single place where your clients can see and make payments from accounts opened both within your institution, and from their external accounts.
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Ideal tool for accounting purposes to obtain bank statements for any period of time with categorised breakdown of transaction history. Helps with reconciliation, identification of paid/unpaid invoices, reflects actual balances across all accounts. Transaction tagging tools enables to notify stakeholders about important transactions without login into the online banking.
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Compliance Solutions

Retrieve of true and complete data for AML and compliance purposes from your clients’ external accounts. It nails possible forgery of account statements and other data necessary for your AML dep. to take the right decisions. It’ simple for clients, safe for your MLRO.
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We connect lending firms to financial data of borrowers for seamless and accurate data extraction. Source of income, spending patterns and other categorised data obtained directly from banks through a secure API enables to perform real-time and accurate risk assessments.
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Treasury Management

Indispensable tool for money managers providing aggregated information across the entire banking network. Consolidated vision of cash positions and transaction history, as well as a possibility to move liquidity at the right time. CFOs, family offices would love it.
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Budget Planning Tools

Any planning needs data. We turn raw transactions into categorised data that helps budget planning tools to build financial forecast based on spending patterns, earnings and other criterias.

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