iorys Consulting

FinTech is not only about IT

Being a purely technological firm, we realise the importance of creating proper products for reaching supremacy in certain market niche.

We are not a consulting firm; however, we are doing something, that most of other consulting firms, probably, would never even help you with. Our team consists of great experts in the payment and crypto industry, enabling our clients reaching their goals significantly faster.

We will be glad to share our vision, contacts, knowledge and experience for a quick launch of your project or an upgrade of already existing one.

Our expertise


  • Assistance with preparation of necessary IT related policies and procedures for the financial regulator
  • Introduction to external AML firms, banks, accountants, insurers and other 3rd parties, required for obtaining a license
  • Preparation and review of a financial model
  • Assistance with opening of safeguarding accounts in banks of the EEA and the UK

EMD Agent

  • Introduction to regulated companies in the UK and Europe for an EMD status
  • Preparation of relevant documents for becoming an EMD Agent
  • Integration of a number of EMD agents on Iorys platform, creation of a logic for its further usage


  • Completion of relevant documents and membership with European Payment Council (EPC)
  • Adherence to SEPA through a Clearing and Settlement Mechanism (CSM) or through a commercial bank for issuing of your own unique IBANs in EUR
  • Adherence to Faster Payments or CHAPS through a UK commercial bank in order to issue your own unique IBANs in GBP
  • Adherence to Target2 through commercial banks
  • Obtaining a SWIFT code and connection to SWIFT system
  • Introduction to correspondent partners for international and local pay-in/pay-outs in various currencies in Europe, Asia, LatAm, Africa and CIS
  • Introduction to banks for issuing of virtual IBANs
  • Creation of multi-channel solution for account loading of your PI/EMI – through cards, alternative payment methods, cash, crypto, etc.

Card Issuing and Acquiring

  • Obtaining a direct principal membership status for card acquiring and/or issuing with MasterCard, Visa, China Union Pay or Mir.
  • Introduction to reliable and cost-effective certified card processing centers for issuing and/or acquiring
  • Assistance with the technical implementation project between the card scheme and the processing center
  • Obtaining a BIN sponsorship for issuing cards under another principal member in your design and tariffs
  • Solutions for card acquiring under a Payment Facilitator scheme (through another principal member for card acquiring)
  • Introduction to AML firms for efficient screening of online payments


  • Issue of crypto payment cards
  • Introduction to crypto friendly banks and PSPs
  • Creation of your own stable token based on Monero, Etherium or other blockchains.
  • Structuring crypto processing with or without automated conversion to FIAT (as an alternative to classical eCommerce)

Open Banking (AIS/PIS)

  • Assistance with obtaining a QWAC and QSEAL SSL certificates
  • Introduction to an insurance firm and assistance with obtaining a Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Creation of unique products based on Account Information and Payment Initiation Services

These are just a part of the services we have achieved in past and we will be glad to share our experience with you. Our knowledge and profound understanding of trends will accelerate our common future achievements.

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